Support for small teams with big ideas.

Feedback from your customers is crucial for sales and iteration. makes communication so clear, it's almost transparent.

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Provide the best support and feedback to your users and customers without over-wrought features and formatting. is for people who aren’t looking for advanced reporting or features.


Support should be like emailing with an old friend. is a transparent, straight-forward support experience. The personality is all yours.

Quick and Reliable

When a customer gets in touch, it's emotional, whether they're upset or excited. The faster you can respond, the happier everyone is. keeps the conversation right in your inbox.

I'm Corey, the creator of I'm a web developer, and love building web apps (I sell a WordPress plugin and have a productivity web app). To handle customer support for my businesses, I tried every service I could find, and found them clogged with features, over-wrought and complicated. I wanted a simple email-like experience that would work for small teams. So I built to be simple, free, and as transparent as possible. Please give it a try, and let me know what you think!